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Mywellness - Navigating the Exercise Programs and Workouts Jul 27th, 2020

Tap on the filing cabinet icon on the bottom of home screen.

This takes you to the training area  


In the training area you will gradually see your training program load. Takes a few seconds generally depending on internet and phone data speeds.

You can also manually add exercise completed here like walking and running outdoors by tracking it with your phone by tapping ‘Do it yourself’, or adding activities manually by tapping ‘Add results’.

Tap on a workout to open it.

Swipe left and right to view various workouts in your program.


Once in a workout you will see the various exercises to complete.

You can see more details of sets and reps and videos by tapping on exercises.

You can tap start to commence your program here.



 Once you tap on an exercise you see this screen.

You can tap start here to commence completing the program.

You can swipe left and right on the exercise image to move between exercises.

Once you start the program by taping ‘START’ you can tap each set to adjust depending on what you manage to complete. 


Once you tap on a set you can swipe up and down to adjust reps.

You can delete sets by hitting the ‘rubbish bin’ icon. You can add sets by tapping the ‘+’ icon.

Once you change the sets, weight, rest to what you completed you tap the ‘√’.

You can swipe right to move to the next exercise.


When you have completed all exercises you can go back to the program area by taping the ‘←’ in the top left corner. Tap ‘CLOSE WORKOUT’.


In the close workout screen tap ‘Mark all exercises done, and end’.


Rate the workout if you like by choosing a ‘. Or tap ‘Skip’


It would be great if people could share images of themselves getting into it to the group.

Tape the share icon.


Take a photo or get one from your library to share.

Take an image or use an image from your photo library. Save the image to your phone or mobile device.

Share this image to the MWAS facebook Group.


There are other workouts for you to complete for your free workouts. These change each week.