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Strategies to help you stand up, sit less and move more Aug 29th, 2014
Many advanced organisations are implementing strategies to reduce prolonged sitting. Some risk reduction strategies, such as introducing standing meetings, are costless, while other strategies have a cost. Changes to work systems can reduce sedentary time. Alterations to the individual physical environment (eg, sit–stand workstations or active workstations) and combined approaches (including individual, environmental and organisational changes) have achieved substantial reductions in total occupational sitting time and prolonged unbroken sitting time.


Here are 12 strategies to help you stand up, sit less and move more

  1. Walk over and talk to colleagues instead of emailing them.

  2. Remove bins and/or printers from your office and use central ones.

  3. Dispose of waste and/or collect printing more frequently.

  4. Drink more water so you have to go to the water cooler (and bathroom) more often.

  5. Use a bathroom that is further away.

  6. Step outside for fresh air.

  7. Use the stairs instead of the lift.

  8. Use an active way of commuting to work (walk or ride a bike, stand up in the train, or stand up to wait for your train/bus).

  9. Park your car further away from your workplace and have a short walk, or park in short-term parking so you have to walk back to move your car.

  10. Have lunch away from your desk.

  11. Walk laps of the floor at regular intervals to break up the day.

  12. Walk around the neighbourhood at lunch. You can mark out two or three timed walking routes to fit into your working day and promote variety.