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Physio Body Chart Mar 15th, 2021

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MWAS Database Feb 4th, 2021

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MWAS Athlete Portal Jan 17th, 2021

2km Time Trial Leaderboard Dec 13th, 2020

MWAS Combine Vertical Jump Leaderboard Nov 25th, 2020

CWHR Virtual Membership Trial Complete Oct 3rd, 2020

CWHR Virtual Membership Initial Form Sep 9th, 2020

Mywellness - OnDemand Exercise Classes Sep 5th, 2020

The CWHR App gives you access to a range of exercise classes that can be done anywhere, anytime. Classes Include:

  • HIIT

  • Circuits

  • Pilates

  • Yoga

  • Boxing

  • And Much more.

Tap on the ‘On-demand classes’ tile on the home screen

You are now in the 'Video on-demand' area. The initial screen shows you ‘Popular’, ‘Recently Added’ and ‘Most Viewed’ video workouts.

Scroll up and down to see each category.

Scroll left and right to view various exercise vide options

Tap the arrow (‘>’) to move into the search area of the On-demand classes.

Here you can search exercise classes in various ways.

Scroll up and down to search the various choices.

Tap the ‘Filters’ button to apply more specific searches.

For example, tap ‘Categories’.

To search for all the available Yoga classes.

And tap ‘Show’ to see current choices.

When you find a class that is to your liking, Tap to find out more details.

Like how long the class is, a description of what to expect, and an instructor name to find future classes by the same instructor.

Tap ‘Start’ when you are ready to begin and enjoy your exercise class from wherever you are.

For a better experience the classes can be mirrored to your smart TV using a Chromecast or apple TV.

Mywellness - Connecting Third-party Activity Trackers Sep 4th, 2020

Once connected, the following third-party activity trackers can connect to your mywellness app:

Note: Mywellness is connected to the activity tracker account online, not the actual activity tracker. Data collected by these devices will upload to your mywellness exercise history each time you sync your activity tracker.

You will need to know your Login details for he relevant account (i.e. Garmin Connect, Strava, Fitbit account etc).

Tap on your 'Account' icon in the bottom right of home screen.


 Tap on ‘Settings’

Tap on ‘Connect apps and devices’

This takes you to the ‘Connect applications’ screen.

You can scroll up and down to find the various accounts you can connect/sync with your Mywellness account.

Tap the ‘CONNECT’ Icon when you find the appropriate tracker.

You will be taken to the login screen for the relevant third party tracker account.


Enter your username and password for the relevant third party activity tracker account.

The ‘CONNECT’ icon changes to ‘CONNECTED’ when you have completed the process.


Now when you sync your device with the relevant third-party account (i.e. sync your watch with your phone) the results of each session completed will show in your Mywellness Exercise History area.

Mywellness - Tracking outdoor Activities Sep 3rd, 2020

Once connected, the following third-party activity trackers can connect to your mywellness app:

Note: Mywellness is connected to the activity tracker account online, not the actual activity tracker. Data collected by these devices will upload to your mywellness exercise history each time you sync your activity tracker.

If you do not have one of these activity tracking devices, your mywellness app has its own outdoor activity tracking function.

On the app home screen tap on ‘Outdoor activity tracking’.


You are now in the ‘Outdoor activity tracking’ screen. You can choose Walking, Running or Cycling by tapping the appropriate icon.


When you have chosen the appropriate exercise mode tap ‘Start Activity’ when you are ready to commence.

You will then see the ‘Ready to go’. You will have a 3 second count down prior to you phone GPS commencing to track your outdoor activity.

If you need to pause or end the outdoor activity tape the 'Pause' icon.

If you wish to continue the outdoor activity tape the ‘Play’ icon If you wish to end the outdoor activity tape the ‘Stop’ icon.

Outdoor activity collected like this will automatically be added to your 'Movement History' and will count to relevant 'Challenges'.


Mywellness - Navigating the Exercise Programs and Workouts Jul 27th, 2020

Tap on the filing cabinet icon on the bottom of home screen.

This takes you to the training area  


In the training area you will gradually see your training program load. Takes a few seconds generally depending on internet and phone data speeds.

You can also manually add exercise completed here like walking and running outdoors by tracking it with your phone by tapping ‘Do it yourself’, or adding activities manually by tapping ‘Add results’.

Tap on a workout to open it.

Swipe left and right to view various workouts in your program.


Once in a workout you will see the various exercises to complete.

You can see more details of sets and reps and videos by tapping on exercises.

You can tap start to commence your program here.



 Once you tap on an exercise you see this screen.

You can tap start here to commence completing the program.

You can swipe left and right on the exercise image to move between exercises.

Once you start the program by taping ‘START’ you can tap each set to adjust depending on what you manage to complete. 


Once you tap on a set you can swipe up and down to adjust reps.

You can delete sets by hitting the ‘rubbish bin’ icon. You can add sets by tapping the ‘+’ icon.

Once you change the sets, weight, rest to what you completed you tap the ‘√’.

You can swipe right to move to the next exercise.


When you have completed all exercises you can go back to the program area by taping the ‘←’ in the top left corner. Tap ‘CLOSE WORKOUT’.


In the close workout screen tap ‘Mark all exercises done, and end’.


Rate the workout if you like by choosing a ‘. Or tap ‘Skip’


It would be great if people could share images of themselves getting into it to the group.

Tape the share icon.


Take a photo or get one from your library to share.

Take an image or use an image from your photo library. Save the image to your phone or mobile device.

Share this image to the MWAS facebook Group.


There are other workouts for you to complete for your free workouts. These change each week.

Central West Rehab Mywellness App Jul 26th, 2020

Create a Central West Rehab Mywellness account Jul 23rd, 2020

Thanks for signing up for a CWHR Virtual Membership.

Central West Rehab Virtual Membership gives you access to:

  •         Weekly exercise program

  •         Workout of the week

  •         Livestreaming Exercise Classes

  •         On demand exercise classes and other relevant content

  •         Exercise Challenges and much more

The following link will take you to our Mywellness cloud account creation page: https://www.mywellness.com/centralwestrehab

Click 'Create new account' to create your mywellness account and connect to our facility 'centralwestrehab'

Once you complete the ‘CREATE A NEW MYWELLNESS ACCOUNT’ form download the mywellness app from your app store on the mobile device you will be using.

Or you can scan the below QR Code on your device for Apple Devices

Or you can scan the below QR Code on your device for Apple Devices


Use the USERNAME and PASSWORD you just created to log into the mywellness app.

Click on ‘Continue with email’

Enter the Username and Password just created

Central West Rehab facility home screen should be active:

Diet Habit Questionnaire Jun 20th, 2020

COVID Safe Gym Guidelines May 23rd, 2020













Covid Safe Plan May 18th, 2020

With the progressive concern of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) we are making sure we take all precautions to ensure the health, safety and hygiene of all staff and clients.

Please read the following information carefully

Symptoms of Coronavirus may include:

  • a sore throat;

  • cough;

  • shortness of breath;

  • fevers; and

  • muscle or body aches 

If you have any of the above symptoms and 1) have been overseas or interstate in the two weeks prior to symptoms developing, or 2) have been in contact with a person who has coronavirus (COVID-19) please call your GP, they may be able to organise testing for you without you needing to attend the clinic. This procedure may vary from GP practice to GP practice.

There is also a state Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080.

Please keep Triple Zero (000) for emergencies only.

For ongoing health and safety, practising good hygiene is your best line of defence in keeping with the WHO and CDC recommendations. This includes:

  • stay home when you are unwell

  • washing hands with soap and water – thoroughly and regularly.

  • covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze, and

  • avoiding close contact with others, especially in public.

In keeping with the above recommendations CWHR staff will be limiting unnecessarily close contact for the time being, particularly hand to hand contact (Hand shaking) and full body contact (Hugging). We also encourage all gym members continue to stick to social distancing guidelines while in the gym.


Staff will be regularly wiping down and disinfecting equipment in the rooms / gym / hydro area. We ask that gym members bring a towels to cover equipment during use, and wipe down the equipment used with the disinfectant provided.

We also ask that people start to bring a towel to their physiotherapy appointments. This small change, which is already common in many other countries, will help personal hygiene during physiotherapy treatment sessions.

More Detailed Gym Guidelines are avaliable here: Gym Guidelines

Thank you for your understanding


Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire - Water Corp Apr 16th, 2020

Telehealth Consults Mar 28th, 2020

Currently we are required to meet Social Distancing recommendations. We would like to give you options to continue your physiotherapy treatment.

We at CENTRAL WEST HEALTH AND REHABILITATION continue to offer quality care for our patients.  There are many things we are doing as professionals to minimise risk of exposure through rigorous hygiene practices and patient screening to keep you and our staff safe.  So, you are welcome to come in for your treatment, subject to our screening processes.

However, if you are in self-isolation, don’t meet our screening processes, or would prefer to minimise contact in any way, you may like to consult with us via Telehealth.

Telehealth uses digital technology that’s readily available on your computer, phone or other mobile device to receive treatment from our physios. It is a safe and effective treatment option that physios are trained to deliver.

Our Private rate for standard consultation via telehealth $39.00, from the 14th of April private health rebates will apply in many cases, currently they do not. There will be no out of pocket expense for Medicare, Workers compensation, NDIS or ICDC patients. Currently DVA patients are not funded for Telehealth consults with a physiotherapist, however this may also change in the near future.

If you would like to talk to us about continuing your treatment through Telehealth, please call us on 99650697.

Squat Depth May 11th, 2019

Squat Technique May 9th, 2019











Deadlift Technique May 6th, 2019









Pool Testing Procedure Apr 27th, 2019

  1. Remove Green pool cover by turning handles on pool cover stand.

  2. Collect water sample from 20cm below water surface

  3. Find two test tubes and syringe on water testing bench.

  4. Rinse each test tube with pool water by filling syringe with pool water. Add half a syringe to each testing tube, shake test tubes and discard water.

Test pH

  1. Activate  PalinTest 9, found on water testing bench. When 'Choose a test' screen comes on press pH button and press 'Ok'. Palin Test 9 will ask you to Insert blank (ie a test tube without a testing tablet added, just pool water).

  2. Add 10mLs of water sample test tube and insert into Palin Test 9 with diamond on test tube facing you, perpendicular to palin test 9 screen. Press 'Ok'. Palin Test 9 will ask you to 'Insert Sample'. 

  3. Add 'Phenel Red' test tablet to full test tube. Crush tablet using white crush/stir rods until tablet gone.

  4. Insert pH sample into Palin Test 9 with diamond on test tube facing you, perpendicular to palin test 9 screen. Press 'Ok'. Note pH Level.


Test Chlorine/Bromine

  1. Use arrow keys to highlight 'Choose a test' at bottom of screen. Press 'ok'. Press ClF button to select 'Chlorine Free' test. Palin Test 9 will ask you to Insert Sample.

  2. Add 3mLs of water sample to test tube. Add 'DPD 1' test tablet to test tube. Break DPD 1 tablet using second (clean) white crush/stir rods.

  3. Add rest of 10mL sample from syringe to DPD 1 test sample and continue to crush DPD 1 tablet until tablet is completely crushed.

  4. Add Sample into Palin Test 9 with diamond on test tube facing you, perpendicular to palin test 9 screen. Press 'Ok'. Note Chlorine Level.

  5. Use arrow keys to highlight 'Choose a test' at bottom of screen. Press 'ok'. Press 'Br' button to select 'Bromine test'. Palin Test 9 will ask you to Insert Sample. 

  6. Press 'Ok'. Note Bromine Level.


Enter Results

  1. Enter results in Pool testing record spreadsheet found in one drive on each computer.

C:\Users\Todd\OneDrive\Central West Health and Rehab\Pool Testing and Maintenance




Mywellness App May 2nd, 2018

Mywellness is the Connected Wellness Experience that helps you achieve your sporting, fitness and health goals in a fast, easy and fun way.

With mywellness, you can track all of the activities that you do at the gym or outdoors, measuring kilometres travelled and calories burned. Every physical activity you take part in enables you to collect MOVEs. These are units of measurement that you can compare with your friends, to see who is most active.

Smartabase Website Nov 18th, 2017