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Geraldton Buccs Preseason Challenge - 5 Impossible Tasks Dec 8th, 2022

All tasks should be logged with you stava account and include an image of you completing the task saved in strava with the activity.

Two point to your team when a complete task is saved in strava

Can do together or individually

These tasks can be complete any time from now until two weeks prior to preseason carnival


5km Beach walk. Strava

  •          Strava gps image should have you near the sand dunes, not near the water

Cycle Nazareth house to AJ's after 2pm


Complete Saturday morning park run

  •          walk or run or walk and run

20x sunset sand hill / once up little bay hill

  •          park at sunset Car park, Head north, Look for the blue and yellow post in the dunes

  •          Minimum distance should be 1200m

  •          Hill runs, hill walks or a bit of both

  •          Include an Image with the blue and Yellow Post or of Little bay from half way up the sand hill

70 x20m sprints

  •          sprint, backward, jog, walk

  •          One every 45 seconds

  •          Court or oval

  •          minimum distance 1400m